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Q: Can all goods export from Lao PDR obtain preference?

Not all goods export from Lao PDR can automatically obtain preferential. Goods that is eligible to obtain trade preferential is placed under List of Preferential Goods provided by import country and is produced under conditions specified in Rules of Origin; together with the Certificate of Origin to submit to customs officials of import country.

Q: What is Certificate of Origin?

Certificate of Origin is a document to certify that goods are originated or processed from export country which is issued by government agency or other authorized agencies. The certificate is used as an evidence to exempt or reduce import customs in a country that grants trade preference.

Q: Do the entire exports from Laos require Certificate of Origin?

Certificate of Origin is not a required document for permission to export. It is used to reduce or exempt import customs which helps exporters to save cost instead of paying full customs in ordinary rate (MFN). Therefore, it is depending on whether the import country need Certificate of Origin or not. In other words, if the import country does not require such a document, the exporter can process on export procedure without requesting for Certificate of Origin.