Welcome to Electronic Certificate of Origin Issuing System.


This system provides convenient for entrepreneurs on their export with Preferential Certificate of Origin and to save time and cost in accordance with laws and regulations of the Lao PDR and international. Thus, it also contributes to strengthen national economy.

Click here to see system manual which shows detailing procedures.

By registering as a member to our website, you will obtain the right to issue the Electronic Certificate of Origin.

More information on certifying origin of Lao PDR: Click here to see Form A issue statistics, Form D issue statistics, and others.


General Statistics

CO Issuance Statistics

No. of Collected Forms
114 Form(s)
10,439,079 USD
Value (USD)
Data of this week
Received Forms of this week : 147 Form(s)
No. of Collected Forms
954 Form(s)
82,371,059 USD
Value (USD)
Data of July, 2024
Received Forms of this month : 836 Form(s)
No. of Collected Forms
12,435 Form(s)
1,037,138,814 USD
Value (USD)
Data from January to July, 2024
Received Forms from January to July, 2024 : 12965 Form(s)